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But I was so bored of studying that I finally caved and got a Twitter. Yeah, I am a slow follower like that. Hit me up with yours, and let me know if there's people/celebrities that I absolutely have to follow.

All those posts about the new Supernatural episode is making me sad that I'm so damn behind on episodes. Twelve episodes. TWELVE. What is wrong with me? In other TV issues, just renew Chuck already, NBC!

I haven't posted music in a while, have I? Check this band out if you don't already know them.

Sample: Malbec - Answering Machine
Yes, it's that song in Chuck where Morgan quits the Buy More, strips of his shirt, and tries to carry Anna out of the store. (See! How is that show not worthy of a third season!) Malbec has a bit of a pop, electronic, hip-hop, rock sound to them. Yeah, it's a mesh of everything. It seems like they're still experimenting around with their style, but it's good music all around. They just released a string of EPs over the past months, a set of 5 Answering Machine EPs, one per month. A weird little concept thing, I suppose. I haven't had the time to listen to all 5 EPs yet, but I'm liking what I heard so far. They're good to listen to on a lazy afternoon.

And yes, I'm cheating since I'm technically not uploading anything for you. Well.

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Damn, I miss LJ so much, but at last, I have returned! I know I said I'll be back sooner, but I've just been lazing around. The weather has been brutally warm. How is my flist? Still having finals?

I'm aware that I've been neglecting this journal since last year, but now that school is done till August, I'm gonna have quite some free time  so I'll definitely be around more. So yeah, I'm gonna start commenting on your entries, pretending that I've been doing so all along (ahem). But, if you're reading this and thinking, who the hell is this person, you are free to defriend me. It's completely my fault for disappearing for so long.

Now, I expect everyone already has a copy of this, but just in case.

I've listened to it a few times, and while some songs sound like their usual style, others are quite different. I think they have come a long way from Transatlanticism, which is a shame because for me, that will always be my favorite album from them. Oh, and What Sarah Said on Plans, that is a stunning song. That is not to say this new album isn't any good. It is. At least, I think it is. I need to listen to it more. So far, I like Your New Twin Sized Bed and The Ice Is Getting Thinner, probably because those two songs are more of their old style. Still, Seth Cohan would be proud.

Also: Supernatural Boss Eric Kripke Spills on Dean's Soul and Plans for Season Four (spoilers!) I'm really looking forward to the rest of the season. It sounds awesome. 
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one; Supernatural torrent, where are you? eta (here!)

two; New header! Made for me by the awesome [ profile] tehjules. Actually, she made it for me a while back, but I have been so busy. Thank you so much, dear. Love it.

three; Didn't get a chance to review any of my shows. As I've said, busy busy busy. It's crazy. Gonna do some now, and I will try to review today's Supernatural, promise. And apologies for not commenting these days. I do my best. Sorry!

four; supernatural 3.01 )

five; gossip girl 1.01 to 1.04 )

six; friday night lights 2.01 )

seven; house 4.01 to 4.03 )

eight; prison break 3.01 to 3.04 )

nine; grey's anatomy 4.01 to 4.02 )

ten; smallville 7.01 to 7.02 )

eleven; bones 3.01 to 3.02 )

twelve; Watched the indie Irish film, Once. It truly is stunning in its beauty. If you like music, watch it.
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(see the entire thing here)

JARED'S TONGUE. Also, how cute is Zac/Vanessa?

Remember they considered a haunted house storyline for High School Musical 3? Well, they dropped it, which is good. But not really, come to think of it, they should just go ahead with it, and have Dean and Sam come save the day. After that, they can all burst into song. Wouldn't that be just perfect?

I know there must be some Supernatural/High School Musical crossover out there somewhere? Point me, flist, point. If not, fandom, provide please.

(Oh God, what happened to me?)

I love Mondays. I only have a 2-hour class in the morning, and have the entire day free to slowly work through the rest of the week's coursework. Which means I spam with craziness, such as this. Beware.
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FINISHED ECLIPSE (last night actually, but haven't got the time to post about it yet). Review post tomorrow or during the weekend. Flist, I bookmarked all your review posts, will get to it soon.


Re-watched Troy on TV earlier and remembered why I loved that movie so much in the past. Ahh, Achilles/Briseis.

Done my [profile] crack_impala's post. A smaller edition than usual. Actually, all the editions have been smaller this entire week. Supernatural fandom, stop wanking, continue writing. You know, someone pointed out that this is our 18th wank. We're legal!

I've been reading posts and comments regarding this, erm, incident, and a few points caught my attention. I know the Harry Potter fandom is famous for its wanks. Given the sheer size of that fandom, it's impossible to avoid. But apparently, the Supernatural fandom is notorious for wanking as well. My question is, really? Is the Supernatural fandom that much worse than your average fandom anywhere else? People in other fandoms, don't you guys encounter these issues too? We're all human, aren't we? What about One Tree Hill, what with their ship wars and Brucas/Leyton nonsense? Stargate: Atlantis? Buffy? Pardon my ignorance, I just rarely venture that much outside my comfort zone right here.

Another question I have, how do non-Supernatural fandom people view those in it? In a few comments, someone mentioned that this type of crazy wank is exactly what kept him/her from watching the show or immersing him/herself in fandom. Are we really that crazy? That prone to freaking out over small issues? Or are people just exaggerating? Or we just unlucky in a way?

Okay, this is making my head hurt. It's 4am and I have classes tomorrow. Grr.
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As you most likely already know, we love you. Jensen loves you too. Would have written you a fic, but I'm kinda hitting a creative block lately. Sorry. But hey, Jensen loves you, that should be sufficient.

one; That was the first graphic I've made in a really long time. Guess Mr. Padawhack is what it takes to pull me out of my lazy Photoshop block. Heh.

two; Joining in the freak out, OMG DEATHLY HALLOWS. I'm kinda screwed though, since I'm still re-reading Goblet of Fire. I should really skip straight to Half Blood Prince, but I'm still stubbornly clinging on the thought that if I don't sleep, I should be able to finish everything by 7.01am, July 21. Why oh why didn't I start sooner? Okay, forget it, I''m moving on to Half Blood Prince.

three; I should write something about the end of Harry Potter, shouldn't ? (NO SPOILERS) Something about how it has changed my life completely and how it is most possibly the best piece of literature and adventure in this century? Uh well. It is quite something, I have to say. I have the utmost admiration for Ms. Rowling. The world that she has created is nothing short of amazing. From Hogwarts to Diagon Alley,  from Albus Dumbledore to Severus Snape, from Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans to Butterbeer, she has invented a universe so enthralling that you can't help being sucked in. (I remember back in Primary School, one guy insisted to a teacher that we should take the broomsticks from our classrooms and play Quidditch during our Physical Ed. lesson. It was hilarious.)

Not only is the story utterly captivating, her style of writing is potentially cynical and so sarcastic at times, which makes it fun and very entertaining. What amazes me the most, however, is how the stories have substance. It isn't singularly blunt action adventure. The underlying themes about friendship, courage, love, family, among others, ground the stories in realism even which in unbelievable settings.

Rowling is, perhaps, the only author that can write thousands of pages and still not lose her readers among the millions of words and chunks of sentences. Some may say she's overrated, but look at the status of Harry Potter now, 2 million copies pre-ordered on Amazon alone. It's a worldwide phenomenon, and The Boy Who Lived will definitely continue to live on. J.K Rowling, and Harry Potter, is beyond any rating.

I got a little carried away there. I should go back and read my Goblet of Fire Half Blood Prince Goblet Order of the Phoenix. Grr.

four; This song is amazing; sara bareilles - gravity
You hold me without touch.
You keep me without chains.
I never wanted anything so much than to drown in your love,
And not feel your rain.

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