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Supernatural 3.03 - Bad Day At Black Rock

1. Gordon. "I'm not even sure he's human." Hm.
2. "She knows what your weakness is. It's me."
3. "Nothing!" Ah, Sam, why are you not telling Dean about what you found out about dear Mary Winchester?
4. I miss Papa Winchester. Love that they're slowly revealing some parts of the Winchester history.
5. Aw. Sam's soccer trophy, and Dean's first sawed-off.
6. Rabbit's foot!
7. The fight scene. Freaking hilarious.
8. "That was a lucky break. Is that a rabbit foot?" *Sam stares* "I think it is."
9. Of course! Scratch and Win!
10. Argh. Talk about bad luck. Poor random guy.
11. That's gotta be Bela. Oh boys will be boys.
12. Let the bad luck begins. Oh joy.
13. *Sam falls* "Wow. You suck."
14. Sammy tripping over and knocking everything over, adorable.
15. *shoe drops into the drain, Sam digs around, gives up, pouts* "I lost my shoe."  *Dean rolls eyes* Cutest thing ever!
16. "Don't turn on the lights, don't turn off the lights, don't even scratch your nose." *Sam twitches, waits for Dean to leave, scratchs his nose*
17. Sam defeated by a air-conditional unit.
18. Dean and Bela's exchange. Rather interesting. "No, a great thief." "Being a hunter is so much more noble? A bunch of revenge-driven sociopaths trying to save a world that can't be saved?"  "If it's any consolation, I think you're a truly awful person."
19. "I'm Batman." "Yeah. You're Batman."
20. "See, I happen to be able to read people. Okay, you're a thief, but you're not - "
21. "What the hell is wrong with you! You don't go around shooting people like that!"
22. "Think fast." Oh good one, Dean.
23. "Oh don't go away angry, just go away."
24. "Son of a bitch!"

Hell House, Tall Tales of the season. Seems like we're getting a good dose of laughter early this season. Jared was adorable in this episode. I just want to reach in and hug him. And Dean was enjoyable to watch. It's nice to see him not gorging himself or randomly "enjoying" life. There wasn't any angst, just exasperation, and plenty of love all around.

What I love most about this episode was the Winchester family dynamics. John Winchester made a comeback (albeit not quite fully as I wish) and we're introduced to a new slice of Winchester history. What else is in that storage? We may need a full season figuring that out. And it's not just the weapons and the mystical objects, it's also the little souvenirs from the past; Sam's trophy, Dean's gun. What other pieces of their history are tucked away there? Interesting to note, both boys' personalities were inculcated from young. Dean with his gun, a young, eager hunter-to-be, and Sam with his soccer trophy, a normal little boy.

Another aspect of the Winchester family dynamics, Dean as the bossy big brother, and Sam as the little one, falling down, getting knee scrapes, knocking things over, losing his shoe. I love that it was Sam who ended up with the foot, and subsequently, the bad luck. Watching Dean get all exasperated with his little brother was the cutest thing ever, especially the part with the shoe. I can't help thinking, this was what it was like when they were growing up; Sam getting into all kinds of trouble, Dean being all whatthehell, but still coming through for his little brother each time. And Sam with his pouts, Dean with his eye rolls. The cutest thing is the little bout of rebellion when Dean told him not to scratch his nose, and Sam did it after Dean left. It's such a bigbrother-littlebrother thing. Bet this kind of things happened a lot when they were younger; Dean ordering Sam around, and Sam being all =P. Ah, cuteness all around.

The next significant part of the episode: Bela. Well, I like the Dean/Bela interaction. She can certainly hold her own against a Winchester. Although she did lose out a little, she still got the last laugh. I'm actually kind looking forward to the next time they meet. Dean might just hold a grudge. Overall, I like her character. She's unlike any female we've ever met on this show. She's tough, smart, sophisticated, and not a hero, although not entirely evil. Her only concern is herself, and her money. What I really want to know, is her backstory. How did she get into this business? How deep does her character go? What happened to her?

As for Gordon, well, he's the opposite of Bela. He's the one with the hero complex, determined to save everyone at all costs, and he's slowly gaining help on his side. Nice to see his side of the story develop, it's probably gonna get really interesting.

Overall, wonderful episode, with just the right dash of exaggeration and fun.

Music from the episode:
Les Paul & Mary Ford - Vaya Con Dios
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posted by [identity profile] at 08:10pm on 19/10/2007
OMFG! I FOUND YOUR SHOE!! I FOUND IT!! You want it back? Lmfao.

I laughed at Sam being clumsy I couldn't help myself.When he fell and stuffs.

SON OF A BITCH! quote in graveyard when Bella leaves with lottery tickets and Dean just finds I'm batman!!!!!!!!! Yes you're batman. lol

I really liked this episode.
posted by [identity profile] at 02:48am on 31/10/2007
Hee, yeah, Sammy was so adorable as a little klutz. This episode was full of cute scenes and laughable one-liners. Definitely one of my favorite episodes.
posted by [identity profile] at 02:52am on 31/10/2007
Probably my favorite episode of the season so far.
posted by [identity profile] at 08:53pm on 19/10/2007
i loved this ep, i love this show! :D
posted by [identity profile] at 09:52pm on 19/10/2007
She's unlike any female we've ever met on this show. She's tough, smart, sophisticated, and not a hero, although not entirely evil. Her only concern is herself, and her money.
Exactly what I was thinking, I like Bela. :D
posted by [identity profile] at 05:41am on 20/10/2007
Mmmm-mmm, downloading the song, thank you. :D
posted by [identity profile] at 04:00pm on 20/10/2007
The dynamics between Sam and Dean this episode was amazing. Dean was the big brother, and Sam was the little annoying one that Dean had to take care of and it was adorable. I loved it. Plus it was all just so hilarious. It still makes me laugh.

I'm not sure about Bela. Originally, before the season even started, I thought I'd hate Ruby and like Bela. But now that they've both actually been introduced, I think it's the other way around, which I did not expect. I like Ruby a lot better than her right now, even if Katie Cassidy does make me cringe sometimes.
posted by [identity profile] at 04:42pm on 21/10/2007
This episode really me made me laugh so hard. Winchester brothers FTW!
posted by [identity profile] at 04:51pm on 21/10/2007
That was an awesome ep, I wasn't too thrilled about the Magnificent Seven but The Kids Are Alright and this one have totally made up for it. XD
Your recap totally made me grin from ear to ear. =)


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