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S O U L.
temperamental. indecisive. unfathomable. complicated. taciturn. possibly a little broken. emotional stunted. can't swim. can't ride a bicycle either.

loves pretty things. hates crowded places (unless i'm high). loves dystopic stories. hates strawberry-flavored stuff. loves to fangirl. hates to get up early in the morning. loves the rain when indoors. hates the rain when outdoors. loves places with rich history and culture. hates mindless chick lit (most of it). loves to curl up with a good book. hates war. loves the sea.
E Y E S.
supernatural. one tree hill. house. friday night lights. gossip girl. chuck. grey's anatomy. private practice. fringe. privileged. bones. pushing daisies. smallville. lost. the oc. veronica mars. firefly. buffy the vampire slayer. prison break. heroes. twilight. harry potter. star trek.

bleach. d.gray-man. xxxholic. ouran high school host club. cowboy bebop. samurai champloo. rurouni kenshin. nodame cantabile. gundam 00. death note. vampire knight. special a.
H E A R T.
lucas/peyton. chase/cameron. tim/tyra. chuck/blair. dan/blair. alex/izzie. booth/brennan. ned/chuck. lois/clark/chloe. sawyer/kate. ryan/taylor. logan/veronica. mal/river. buffy/angel. michael/sara. edward/bella. draco/hermione. kirk/spock.

ichigo/rukia. byakuya/renji. shinji/hiyori. aizen/gin/kira. urahara/yoruichi. ishida/orihime. allen/kanda. doumeki/watanuki. kyouya/tamaki/haruhi. spike/faye. mugen/fuu/jin. chiaki/nodame. zero/yuuki. kei/hikari.
E A R S.
death cab for cutie. jimmy eat world. rachael yamagata. russian red. the submarines. snow patrol. the postal service. 8mm. frou frou. azure ray. stars. broken social scene. bon iver. silversun pickups. shiny toy guns. delays. explosions in the sky. matthew ryan. panic at the disco. the national. metallica. the virgins. headlights. led zeppelin.

asian kung-fu generation. aqua timez. NEWS. KAT-TUN. KANJANI8. utada hikaru. yui. greeeen. thyme. monkey majik. the brilliant green. orange range. ai otsuka. uverworld. perfume. high and mighty color.

'Angels of the love affair, do you know that other,
the dark one, that other me? '


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