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2009-01-05 12:49 am
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→ housekeeping

one; So. The reason for the lack of update is my laziness to set up my friends groups so I can spam the proper people. But now it's all done. So prepare to be spammed.

two; Cleaned up the flist too. Removed some dead journals. Let me know if you're lurking and want back on.

three; Defriending amnesty day. I know I haven't been around, and my attention span in each fandom is atrociously short, so if you think we've drifted apart or something, go ahead.

four; The difference between my 'friends' and 'friends of' is 84, which is quite a number. Please don't lurk out there. Comment so I can add you back! If you don't say anything, I won't either.
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2008-10-01 03:28 am
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3am. It's raining. And it's quiet and peaceful, and you can almost believe that you're completely alone. I adore nights like these. It's too pleasant a night to spend sleeping or studying, so I'll just take the time to breathe in the cold air and listen to soft and pretty music.

mixtape; breathe the rain
goldmund → in a notebook
rachael yamagata → answering the door
gregory & the hawk → grey weather
angus & julia stone → chocolate and cigarettes
sophie koh → all the night
abigail washburn → halo
maximilian hecker → this poison called love
william fitzsimmons → we feel alone
greg laswell → and then you
rosie thomas → dialogue

I really should be studying though. Anyway, while I'm at it, I've got quite a few albums uploaded, will post it later.

And hello to all the new people on my flist. I might have gone overboard with the friending, but fill this in, will ya? ♥. Also, if by any chance I didn't add you back, it's not because I'm mean, it's because I accidentally missed it. Let me know, k?

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2008-09-28 08:41 pm
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2008-07-11 11:31 am
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i'll keep you a secret

Yes, I know I need to stop disappearing for random patches of time. But hey, I bet you didn't even notice, did you? Heh.

Updates? Eh, my life is still boring? Well, last day at work today. After this, 3 weeks of absolutely nothing before I start school. Woe. I'm determined to have fun in the next 3 weeks! Starting with a music journalism workshop tomorrow! And gosh, need to catch up on TV. Entire seasons of Lost and One Tree Hill, plus those unwatched Friday Night Lights and Smallville episodes. And oh, that last episode of Grey's Anatomy. Can't bring myself to watch it, for some reason.

Still stuck on anime and jdrama love. Maou's got potential, mainly because Ikuta Toma is still unbelievable adorable. Code Blue is kinda entertaining, a guilty pleasure of sorts, although I feel nothing for their characters; more character development, please. Osen is cute, alive and brimming with philosophy and human drama.

Here, music, have it.

Russian Red - I Love Your Glasses (2008)

Easily my favorite discovery this year. I can't stop putting it on rotation ever since I first heard it.

Russian Red is Lourdes Hernandez, a young female singer-songwriter hailing from Madrid. With female singer-songwriters on the rise (think: Feist, Regina Spektor), it's easy for one to be lost in the crowd, but you'll be missing out if you dismiss her as such. The instruments are rich and bold in their experimental arrangement, and that quivering voice, so hauntingly gorgeous. Once in a while, you come across a record that is new, fresh, ingenious, beautiful, and still a well-kept secret, and you think, ah, let me have some time alone with this before the rest of world discovers it. This is one of those, a best-kept secret, at least for now.

I'm just waiting for one of her songs to appear on the upcoming season of Grey's Anatomy.
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2008-06-19 01:57 pm


Sorry, SingFest (Travis, Jason Mraz, Panic At The Disco, Alicia Keys, OneRepublic). I'm not going to attend that music festival, not when there's this two days later.


12 Aug 08
Esplanade Concert Hall
1 Esplanade Drive
Singapore 038981

Tickets go on sale through all SISTIC ( outlets from June 27.

I'm still spazzing. If I'm not at work, I would have screamed really loudly. Now I'm just internally flailing.

ot; Photobucket got hacked? Wow.

eta; Also, first ever Comic Convention in Singapore. Not like there'll be any big names, but not bad, Singapore, not bad at all.
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2008-06-17 04:13 pm
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geek out

I'm kinda surprised I haven't really seen this around. Does everyone already know? I first saw this on a Bleach fansite, and if I recall correctly, another one on my flist. No Firefox lovers here?

Download Day starts on June 17th at 10 a.m. PDT. Check this out for local times. 


S.E.N.S. - Natural Part 1 | Part 2
(join using HJ split, then unrar)

Beautiful, emotional instrumental music, perfectly for a quiet evening. I love to just snuggle under the blanket and play this CD. The Japanese duo, made up of Akihiko Fukaura and Yukari Katsuki, is well-known for composing songs for Japanese dramas, and recently for the anime, xxxHOLiC. These talented musicians have a knack for creating music that expresses what words can't. Infectiously sorrowful and forlorn, the delicate melodies will soothe souls and stir hearts.

Listen: Palace Memories | Wish

note; Palace Memories is not in this album, but it's one of their most popular pieces. I can upload it, or even the album that has it. Just ask.

Also, 4shared terminated my old account. I got a new one, so if you're looking to download the albums in the previous posts, just comment and I'll re-upload.

The A-Z Meme. I'm dragging my feet in doing it, but soon, probably tomorrow. Feel free to fill in the missing letters. You can ask for more than one topic, I don't mind.
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2008-06-10 09:22 am
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while the city sleeps

1. It begins with a list of all 26 letters of the alphabet.
2. Comment with something for me to talk about that starts with one of those letters. Make me babble about anything -- TV shows, actors, actresses, food. Be creative.
3. One topic per letter -- it's like a claims list! I will cross off letters as topics appear.
4. I will post a new post talking about all 26 topics given to me!

A - Alex Karev [personal profile] icrush
B - Byakuya, Kuchiki [personal profile] chaegyeong
D - Dark Angel [profile] americangrl69; Dragon Ball Z [profile] unwearable
E - Edward Cullen [profile] _cinjudes_
F - Firefly [profile] unwearable
I - IchiRuki [profile] windxalchemist
J - Jessica Moore [personal profile] santacarlagypsy
Q - Queer as Folk [profile] unwearable
R - Ryan/Taylor [profile] satine_59
S - Squick [profile] vanitykidman
T - Tom Yorke [profile] capturean
Y - Yullen [personal profile] chaegyeong
Z - Zoolander [profile] unwearable 
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2008-06-06 10:17 am
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meme now


You are in a mall when the zombies attack. You have:
1. one weapon.
2. one song blasting on the speakers.
3. one famous person to fight alongside you.

* Weapon can be real or fictional; you may assume endless ammo if applicable. Person can be real or fictional.

1. Guns are useless against them, right? Just give me a shiny sharp machete, and I'm good to go.
2. Metallica. Anything by them will do.
3. Dean&Sam. (Shut up. They're one entity.)


Name me a character or ship or fandom (or multiples) in the comments and I'll give you a song in return. If I'm not familiar with your choice I'll either choose a song based on what I know from the flist, or hit random on my iTunes and wait for hilarity to ensue.


Nada Surf - Lucky (2008)

If you're a One Tree Hill fan, this name shouldn't be unfamiliar to you. Always Love? Remember that track? Back with their 5th album, they're better than ever. Such is the band’s melodic power the sensation is like slipping into a warm bath rather than eavesdropping by the psychiatrist’s chair.

sample track; The Film Did Not Go Round
Everyone's gotta leave their love sometime
If not now, then at the end of your life-time
You'll be waiting by my bed I know
And your last little words will be I love you so
The shutter clicked, but the film did not go 'round
I touch these strings, but cannot touch the sound.

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2008-06-05 11:07 am
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i'm hungry

Results was released last night at 12 midnight. I haven't been this nervous about exam results in a while. But it's all good.
GPA: 4.68
I honestly thought I won't be able to maintain my 4.50 this semester, but I did it, so I'm happy. Now, choice of specializations to be done by 8 June. I Don't Know.


Their debut album was one of favorites, and it's still on constant spin. Very fortunately, the couple has avoided the dreaded sophomore slump and has delivered a solid, layered, darkly romantic indie pop album. I say 'darkly romantic' despite the pleasant boppy tunes. To understand, read the history of this husband-wife duo. While the couple is now married and in love, the album is not altogether sappy. Sure, this album has its moments of sweet undiluted love, but it dives down to the underside of love with its sharp intuitive lyrics. All in all, it's sweet and pretty, but not without depth.
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2008-06-03 03:13 pm
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zombies and fairytales

I dreamt of zombies last night. (And no, I haven't seen any zombie movies since I Am Legend, which was Christmas last year. Does Cloverfield or the trailer for Fringe count?) They wore a thin white film over their faces. The white film either came from their mouths when they changed or they grabbed it from somewhere. I can't remember. And the people around me became zombies rather randomly. It was some unknown trigger, but I don't know what, and that lack of knowledge is freaky. But it wasn't really a nightmare. Sure, it was a little scary, with the chasing and the running and the grabbing, but I wasn't really frightened out of my wits. Everything was just white. And green. There were trees and water. But not the murky humid kind. It was more of, ethereal. Yeah, zombies with white faces in a fairytale setting. Brain, what's up?

1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter. (I think everyone has done it by now, but if you still want a letter, go ahead.)
2. List 5 songs that start with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

[profile] breathe_me27 gave me H.
The Weepies; Hideaway
The Submarines; Hope
Broken Social Scene; Hotel
Frou Frou; Hear Me Out
Sia; Healing Is Difficult

(Just let me know if you want any of the songs.)

Oh Twilight fandom. While I'm not one of the pioneer fans, I like to think of myself as one of the earlier ones, before the fandom exploded with a million pre-teens. I got it for my birthday in February last year, and I brought New Moon a week later. I love the book for the guilty pleasures it offers, the innocence it invokes, and the epic love it represents. Now, maybe it's the hype surrounding RPrattz and KStew, maybe it's the fandom itself, I find Twilight... ridiculous. I've read the first chapter of Breaking Dawn, and my first impression was that it's funny. Cheesy-lame funny, not sweet-cute funny. Maybe I've been exposed to the glittery comments on ONTD for too many times. Before this August, I definitely need to shut off from the fandom (and hatedom), curl up with a cup of iced tea, and recapture the magic of Edward Cullen.


Rachael Yamagata - Loose Ends EP (2008)

I adore this woman. A lot. I saw her in concert last year, and she was beyond amazing. She has the uncanny ability to twirl complicated emotions into her raspy voice and exquisite lyrics. I've been looking forward to her new album for ages now. This EP serves as a preview to the new album, which I expect will be a splendid sophomore offering.

And is this me posting an album with every entry? I don't know. Do you want me to? Perhaps as penance for being missing for almost 6 months? There's just a whole bunch of new releases this year that I really want to share. The Submarines, Nada Surf, The National, The Weepies, The Raveonettes, etc. 2008 is a good year for music. I don't even know what my Album of the Year will be.
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2008-05-29 02:17 pm
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wow, an update

I'm been hanging around here, but too lazy to update. Yes, I know. So now, update post!

Got a part-time job to earn cash to spend over the summer. It's an administrative job at a government agency, and it's as boring as it sounds. Currently at work now. The person I'm supposed to be working for/with is on medical leave, so I don't have much to do at the moment. It's kinda easy money, but it's still tiring pulling myself out of bed every morning. I just need to focus on the money. Still, I wish I was doing something more exciting and fulfilling. I pretty go to work to surf the net and read fanfiction.

New phone! Samsung Soul. It's so gorgeous and lightweight and slim and awesome. The changing touchscreen is really convenient, and not too sensitive. And it's easy to create and change themes. Now, what should I name it? (My iPod Touch is Chuck!)


I kinda really want to cut my hair. To this short. I've had long hair for about 6 years now. The length goes towards the shorter side sometimes, but the limit is the shoulder. But I'm terrified of missing my long hair. Hm. Should I, shouldn't I?

I'm still going anime/manga crazy. Watched D.Gray-man and xxxHolic and Gundam 00. Oh, and I kinda love Junjou Romantica. It's so fluffy and adorable. And is still obsessed with Bleach.

Exam results will be released next week. And then I'll have to decide what I want to specialize in, Marketing or Banking and Finance. (I Don't Know. Woe.) I guess a lot will depend on the results.


Delays - Everything's The Rush (2008)

Love this album. The rhythm, the rush.

I adore their music. It's upbeat, with the subtle angst and raw emotions. If I can use one word to describe it, it would be waves. Crashing, smooth, refreshing.
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2008-05-08 06:30 pm
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Damn, I miss LJ so much, but at last, I have returned! I know I said I'll be back sooner, but I've just been lazing around. The weather has been brutally warm. How is my flist? Still having finals?

I'm aware that I've been neglecting this journal since last year, but now that school is done till August, I'm gonna have quite some free time  so I'll definitely be around more. So yeah, I'm gonna start commenting on your entries, pretending that I've been doing so all along (ahem). But, if you're reading this and thinking, who the hell is this person, you are free to defriend me. It's completely my fault for disappearing for so long.

Now, I expect everyone already has a copy of this, but just in case.

I've listened to it a few times, and while some songs sound like their usual style, others are quite different. I think they have come a long way from Transatlanticism, which is a shame because for me, that will always be my favorite album from them. Oh, and What Sarah Said on Plans, that is a stunning song. That is not to say this new album isn't any good. It is. At least, I think it is. I need to listen to it more. So far, I like Your New Twin Sized Bed and The Ice Is Getting Thinner, probably because those two songs are more of their old style. Still, Seth Cohan would be proud.

Also: Supernatural Boss Eric Kripke Spills on Dean's Soul and Plans for Season Four (spoilers!) I'm really looking forward to the rest of the season. It sounds awesome. 
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2008-04-01 06:12 pm
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yes, again

I know I haven't even been around that much lately in the first place, but finals are coming up again. So.


Sorry guys. I will be back on April 24.
I promise to be around more then.
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2008-03-09 02:22 am
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make art

activities for tomorrow;

- study for accounting mid-term
- visit the National Museum of Singapore to see the Greek masterpieces from the Lourve currently on display here
- go see Broken Social Scene in concert at the Esplanade

Life is good, except for that stupid mid-term.

other updates;

- new header, tag pictures, and mood theme
as you can see from the mood theme, I'm still obsessed with Bleach
- that Bleach obsession is getting worse with each passing day
- did I mention I am currently in possession of Bleach plushies?
- erm, anyone wanna talk Bleach with me?
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2008-02-19 03:24 pm
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oh here they come

I go out to buy some groceries and 20 minutes later when I come back, the Twilight fandom has exploded all over again. This amuses me very much.

Nikki Reed doesn't look half-bad, even though they really need to do something about the hair. I'm thoroughly upset about Jasper though. I always have a soft spot for him, and this Jasper? Erm. But you know, I haven't really found my Jasper yet. I want to put a pretty face on it, but I'm kinda lazy. So who's yours? I STEAL.

Also, actors, please work on your expressions. But hey, Edward, you got the whole brooding look down to your eyebrows, good job!


And erm, aren't the Cullens supposed to have better fashion sense than that?

But I'll be completely honest, it's better than I had expected. Hee.
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2008-02-15 08:02 pm
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2007-12-24 08:48 pm
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2007-12-22 11:34 pm
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taiwanese drama recs

[personal profile] tragicamente asked for Taiwanese drama recs, and I find replying in one small comment box rather difficult, so what the hell, my whole flist shall be subjected to this craziness.

taiwanese dramas in a nutshell;

The two lead characters are thrown together under unforeseen circumstances. They either a) fall in love or b) simply detest each other. If they do fall in love, you'll be treated to sweet and adorable little scenes and situations. If they hate each other, the chemistry explodes with their constant banter, and eventually they'll fall in love. Following that, the Powers That Be will toss the couple into a tough situation or misunderstanding that may or may not force them to separate. They will later overcome said situation and proceed to live happily ever after. In addition, there will colorful, quirky, over-exaggerated side characters who will add to the comedy factor. And of course there's the two supporting cast who are in love with the main characters and will do anything to thwart the lovely couple.

In an even smaller nutshell; Guilty Pleasures.

1 2 3 4 )

If anyone wants similar recs for Japanese or Korean dramas, just let me know.
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2007-12-12 05:16 am
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so i guess i should remove all my gaspard/emily icons?

All together now.


I hate to be judgmental, but.


Robert Pattinson is really cute. But that's it. Edward is not cute. Edward is broody and beautiful and utterly irresistible.

And watch the general ONTD population freak out. I love that comm. So many hours of amusement.
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2007-11-13 06:04 pm
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oh hi bella

What's this? What Twilight movie? No such thing. (denialdenial)

Okay, honestly, I don't know. I would have rather they not make any movie and just leave it be, but I guess that's impossible. Emily Browning was never really my Bella, I just accepted her the fandom's choice, so I wasn't too upset about her not being cast, but Kristen Stewart is also not quite my Bella. Still, I'm gonna wait till more news and pictures leak out before I completely freak out. Hey, she could be a good Bella, you never know.

Oh boy. Can't wait for the casting news for Edward Cullen.

Anyway, I'm still behind on comments. Random, no-longer-relevant replies for the win.